Brown Bear Roar

A man is ok after a bear attack in Florence County.
It happened on June 2 in the Town of Florence, near Meyer Falls.
A couple people were doing a bird survey around 5 a.m. on Friday, June 2 when the attack happened.
Officials say the bear wasn't much bigger than a dog.
It charged the two people and bit one of them in the thigh.
Officials believe the bear was a mother, trying to protect at least one cub that was spotted in the area.
"Although this is very rare, and it doesn't occur much, anytime that you're a wild animal, wild animals are unpredictable. And, if you do see a bear, enjoy it from a distance or if it starts to come towards you, make yourself look bigger, yell, wave your arms and attempt to deter the bear that way," said Kelly Crotty, A DNR Conservation Warden.
The 64-year-old man had a couple puncture wounds and a small cut.

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