black bear looks toward camera in forest

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A family in Colorado got a crash course in letting nature take its course this week when a trio of black bears showed up in their backyard. Things seemed relatively calm on the forested property – until the bears' prey showed up. 

Filmed by homeowner Erik Stone, the footage may be tough viewing for some, but it features interesting behaviour from both the bears and their human neighbours.

Many mother bears "tree" their cubs for safety while they're busy scouting and hunting, but Stone explains that's not what happened here. Before the dramatic chase scene took place, another one unfolded nearby, when the family's dog, Boomer, sniffed out the furry trio of visitors. 

"There's a cinnamon [cub] on the left, black one on the right – about 40 feet up," Stone said in a previous video (featured below). "Boomer chased them up the tree." 

The fawn entered the scene only after the commotion had settled down, but unfortunately for the youngster, the quiet yard wasn't as safe as it appeared.

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