The next couple of blogs I will be discussing my preparation for an Alaskan Brown Bear hunt this August. I will be discussing a few of my equipment choices and analyzing my training and preparation for this hunt of a lifetime.

Jun 09 2014

Broadheads for Black Bears - June 9th Video Blog

Broadheads for Black Bears

The introduction of expandable broadheads in the mid-1990s effectively divided the bowhunting community. The previous broadhead options just weren't that different. Were you going to shoot a three-blade Wasp or Thunderhead was sometimes the extent of the banter. I'm sure Native Americans had similar discussions over campfires debating the effectiveness of the different styles of stones points of their era. One thing hasn't changed, hunters don't like letting their target animal get away after it's been shot.
I just arrived back in the States from the best week of bear hunting that I've ever been a part of. My eyes appear tired from the last nine days of travel and hunting, but I'm energized and still reveling in my true northern bear hunting experience. It was a full emersion into the northern Alberta wilderness, a week long Bear-apalooza.