Bear hunting is a great hunting venue for being able to pursue your passion in two separate seasons throughout the year – spring and fall. However, bears are sleeping right now and the sows are rearing cubs that have just been born. It’s a magical time with the vast majority of black bear cubs being born in January weighing less than one pound. Bears have a 60-day gestation period that usually begins in early November.
Bear hunting is becoming more and more of a necessity in North America as bear numbers continue to rise across the continent. Though the last 20 years has seen its share of hunting opportunities decrease with the close of several spring seasons – including Colorado and Maine. However, hope remains and we are optimistic that seasons will again begin to lean more in favor of hunter opportunity. Maine’s victory over the Humane Society of the United States to ban hounding, trapping and bait hunting was significant. 2014 was the “year of the bear” as many states/provinces saw a rise in human bear conflicts. Bear hunters, get ready for the next decade. It’s my prediction that the states will be calling upon you to help them more and more.