“Is her head up?” asked Myron Means, the Large Carnivore Coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC). His is assistant, Alex, replied, “Yep, she’s looking right at me.” He had just crept into a sow bear’s den and shot her with a tranquilizer dart.
As hunters, we are truly fascinated by antlered game and rightfully so. Antlers are unique, one of a kind and make fantastic memory stimulators, i.e. trophies. Bears offer, however, as much or more “bang for your buck” (pun intended) than antlered game, just in a different way. Bears can be overlooked as amazing trophies, but with some enlightenment you’ll understand why. Here are six reasons why bears are a high-end big-game trophy that should rival your best whitetail.

Bear Mounts are epic:
Nine mistakes you don't want to make during the spring 2015 bear season.

1. Under estimate/over estimate the power of mosquitos

I hear a lot of negative murmur about mosquitos on spring bear hunts. Mosquitos are like a vaccinatable disease – if you get vaccinated you don’t have anything to worry about but if you don’t, they’ll make you miserable. There will definitely be mosquitos in large number wherever you spring bear hunt but with the advent of modern technology they really aren’t a problem anymore. I carry...