By Clay Newcomb

BHM Publisher

When it comes to bear baiting, there are basically three different categories of food related products used to attract bruins. In this blog we will define bear bait additives and discuss why they are valuable. 

The number one factor to a bear bait is the actual bait. Quality bait is critical and there isn’t a substitute for it, however, lesser quality bait can be improved with bait additives (as you'll see). Secondly, scent is a powerful piece of the puzzle.  The bait itself produces some scent and certain bait produces more than others. Commercial scents and sprays expand the scent range of the bait, increasing the effective range of how far it can be smelled. Thirdly, bait additives have become a significant part of the bear-baiting world. Bait additives are typically liquid and are used to improve the overall quality of lesser quality bait and expand scent range. They add to it by actually improving the taste/nutrient/caloric content of the bait - it is actual food, as opposed to just a scent product. Secondly, bait additives add scent to the bait site that goes beyond what natural bait can produce. Insights Wildlife Nutrition Solutions came out with a new product in 2014 called Bear Trap.

Insights Wildlife Nutrtion Bear Trap

Bear Trap is a sweet syrup that is sold in 10.5-pound jugs (just a little over a gallon). The product is made of 48% sugar and doesn’t contain any salt water like some other attractants. The thing to understand about bait additives is they are designed to increase the quality of lower quality bait. High quality bait can be expensive and hard to come by. By using Bear Trap on bread, dogfood, grains or other readily available bear bait products you add to the attraction value of it without breaking the bank. The product is also has a sweet smell that would be good for any bait site.

In 2014, the BHM team put Bear Trap to use on our baits and had good success. Ordering a couple of jugs for the season should be enough to get your bait sites up and going in 2015. Insights Wildlife Nutrition also has a full line of Whitetail and hog attractants. Check them out the product at!bear-trap-overview/c1ldg

Have a Merry Christmas and start planning your spring bear hunting now! Don't hesitate to give the BHM office a call if you are looking for help deciding on a location or an outfitter. 479-839-4335