By Tracy Breen

Bear season is right around the corner. If there is one thing every hunter enjoys, it is new gear. Below are a few must have items for the hunter who has everything but is always looking for something new.



It’s no secret that choosing a spot to aim on bears can be difficult. The long hair can make finding the vitals on a bear in the heat of the moment difficult. Bowhunters can solve that problem by shooting at a 3D Bionic Bear Target. Morrell Targets has a lightweight 3D bear target that is perfect for bear hunters who want to fine tune their skills this summer. Learn more at



Bears have a sweet tooth and are constantly on the prowl for food. One way to bring them in close is with Northwoods Powder. The powder comes in an 8-ounce bottle and is available in a variety of scents including Cherry Burst, Apple Addiction, Maple Burst, Blueberry Burst and Gold Dust. The powder attractant gives off an extremely strong odor and is reportedly 500 times stronger than sugar so bears love the stuff. Hunters can shake the powder onto their current bait to add an aroma that bears won’t be able to resist. Learn more at



Staying awake in the treestand or blind can be difficult when sitting for long hours. Hunters who want to stay alert and ready for action should check out Energy & Focus from Wilderness Athlete. This energy drink is packed with vitamins, contains no sugar and has very few calories. Hunters who want to stay awake without drinking a lot of calories should try Wilderness Athlete products. Learn more at



Bowhunters looking for an edge should check out the HuntWise App. This app gives you up-to-date weather information, the best time of day to hunt, a built-in social media platform and landownership boundaries complete with land owner contact information if they have a listed phone number. Hunters who are looking for a new place to hunt will appreciate how handy the HuntWise app is. Learn more at



Many bowhunters spend the summer getting in shape for the backcountry. The new Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer pack frame makes that a little easier. The pack frame comes with a mounting bracket that allows the hunter to slide Olympic style weight plates to the pack frame so hunters can hike with weight that is safe and secure on the frame. Say goodbye to sandbags; this pack frame system will make training with a weighted down pack a breeze. Learn more at




Fourth Arrow, makers of the original vapor WYNDSCENT unit, has raised the bar this year with their new Grenade launcher.  Now you can attract bears with an automatically timed vapor scent dispersal with the ability to turn on or off with a remote from up to 40 yards away! Simply mount your WYNDSCENT Grenade or Wyndstick to the top of the

WYNDSCENT Grenade Launcher. After turning it on once a minute for a three second time frame, vapor will be emitted.  A variety of cover and attractant scents are available for deer, bear, elk, and predators. They have a bear scent called Donut Shop that smells just like fresh donuts. Heated vapor scents travel further than traditional scents, making them a great option for bear hunting. Learn more at



One broadhead that is worth mentioning is the Grim Reaper Carni-Four. This broadhead comes equipped with four blades. Two of the blades offer a 1-1/2” cut and the other two blades produce a 1-1/4” size hole. Combined, that is a 2.75” linear cut.  A hole that size will quickly bring a bear down and give the archer a little room for error.  If the shot isn’t perfect, chances are the bear will quickly go down when hit with such a devastating broadhead. Learn more at