Quebec is the largest province in Canada covering over 600,000 square miles. It is bordered on the west by Ontario and the east by New Brunswick and Labrador. Its southern borders include the states of New York, Vermont and Maine. Quebec is an excellent spring bear hunting destination that is convenient to travel to, especially for hunters coming from the New England states that can simply drive across the border. For the 2016 spring bear season, Quebec Outfitters ( has partnered with several outfitters in Quebec to make some special hunting packages for hunters coming from the United States. At the time of printing, one U.S. dollar is worth $1.37 in Canada, making for great deals. It’s a great year to spring bear hunt in Canada.

More than 95% of Quebec is covered by the Canadian Shield, making it generally flat with some mountainous terrain. However, the Lauratian Mountains in southern Quebec, the Otish Mountains in central Quebec, and northern leg of the Appalachian Mountains stretch into the southern part of the province providing some mountainous terrain. The highest point in the province is Mount Caubvick that reaches over 5,000 feet in elevation. Needless to say Quebec has some of some great bear habitat and bear densities.

Quebec is a province known for providing high success rates and great opportunity on black bear. By holding out for a larger bear and letting some smaller bears walk, you’ll have a good chance at a 250-300 black bear in Quebec, maybe bigger. One of the biggest attractions of hunting Quebec in the spring is the fishing. The outfitters are equipped and ready for bear/fishing combination trips that will guarantee an excellent adventure. Check out for the special package made for the readers of Bear Hunting Magazine. 

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