Blog1I will take a minute to formally welcome myself, Clay Newcomb, into the blog world.  Look for weekly rants, product reviews, hunting insights and discussion on bear topics from Bear Hunting Magazine (BHM) right here. A blog will be a nice change for me as they, in general, seem to be more laid back compared to print journalism. And let’s face it, you get to say what you really think on a blog, right?

The publishing world is an interesting business with all kinds of ups and downs. There is a tremendous amount of work and preparation that goes into each issue of BHM. Unlike the big corporately owned magazines that fill the newsstands, BHM is a small company owned by the people that run it.  And we have our faces set like flint to do one thing – bring our readers the most relevant, inspiring, informative and entertaining bear hunting content on the planet. We aren’t just businessmen that hire out our work to bear hunting guru’s that we cut a check to each month. We are the bear gurus.

The previous statement isn’t intended to be arrogant. But the lives of the BHM staff revolve around bears and bear hunting.  The stories we tell our children are disproportionally about…bears. In the evenings after work our extracurricular thoughts drift towards…bears. We’re constantly thinking of places on the planet we’d love to hunt…bears. And most importantly, we have a deep respect for… bears.Canadian bear hunting clay newcomb

Bear hunting is a quickly growing niche in the outdoor world. The sport is expanding as bear populations in North America continue to thrive and grow. Bear hunting, however, isn’t just a sport, but it’s a management tool for burgeoning populations of bruins. It just happens to be extremely challenging, significantly rewarding and powerfully exciting to hunt the critters.  Bear hunting is on the rise in North America with an estimated population of black bears pushing 1 million animals.

With bear populations expanding, BHM is expanding too.  We have redesigned our magazine in the last few issues, and as you can see, we’ve just launched a new, swanky website. We are also producing a new web-show called Bear Horizon. Starting in June and ending in November, we are going to bring you a semi-live, television-quality produced show every two weeks.  You can now keep up with BHM through our print magazine, our 25K-plus Facebook page, our online magazine, our blog and now our show.

Things are looking good for BHM in 2014 and we hope that you’ll be spring bear hunting somewhere soon. Good luck and send us some pictures. Keep the hunt strong by being ethical, honest and respectful in your outdoor life.