May 19 2014 - May 20 2014

Sprint Week at BHM - VIDEO BLOG

This week at Bear Hunting Magazine is the beginning of a sprint of magazine production, video work and spring hunting.  I will be heading to Alberta Canada to hunt with Bighorn Meadows Outfitting on Friday, May 23rd. It’s a seven-day hunt with a travel day on each end, meaning that I will be away from the office for a while. The hunting should be exceptional as the foreseeable temperatures for the remote region of northern Alberta should be in the high 70s. Cody’s hunters have already killed four Pope and Young class bears in the last two weeks and he’s got some tremendous bears still walking in front of the camera. 

             We are currently working on the July/August issue of Bear Hunting Magazine which is shaping up to be one of our best issues for adventure hunts, how-to articles and bear information. We’ve got one feature article that I guarantee will capture the attention of every reader – you’ll have to wait to see what it’s about. The magazine will go to print on June 10th, just nine days after we arrive back home. We’ve got lots to do.

            What I’m most excited about however, besides the hunt, is the inaugural release of Bear Hunting Magazine’s new web show, Bear Horizon. The webisode will be launched on the morning of Friday, June 6th. You can expect a fresh, all bear hunting show every two weeks through November 2014. We are going to produce unique episodes that will challenge your bear hunting knowledge, entertain you and show you inner workings of Bear Hunting Magazine.

            One of the partners of the show is a custom traditional bow company called, Timberghost Archery. Bowyer, Kent Roberts of Springdale, Arkansas is a craftsman that builds bows that shoot tremendously and are beautiful to boot. He specializes in hybrid one-piece longbows and takedown longbows. This week while in Canada I will be shooting a Timberghost ‘Smoke’. My bow is 54 inches long, 52 pounds at 28 inches and made with a black phenolic riser. I’ll be shooting a 550-grain Goldtip arrow laced with Slick Trick broadheads. I’ve been shooting a lot and I feel confident in my ability with the stick bow. We are going to try to shoot a bear off the ground in Alberta and do some calling as well. We will capture it all on video for the webisode – you’re included.

            We should be able to continue to update our Facebook page while we are in Canada. Cody’s got a hotspot WiFi connection that we’ll be able to use while we are in the bush. Don’t be fooled though, this is a fly-in wilderness camp. We won’t be sleeping in hotels or lodges. This bear camp is as traditional as it comes, fully equipped with wall tents and wood stoves. This will be the perfect change of pace. After all, this is what we love to do – bear hunt. The writing and production of the magazine is a by-product our passion, not vice-versa. This makes a difference. We call it authenticity. I hope you find the time to immerse yourself in bear country this week.