By Clay Newcomb

I am now one month out from my trip to Alaska to bowhunt for Brown Bears with Clifford Smith and Alaska Triple C Outfitters. Thirty-days out means it is time to get serious about gathering gear and beginning to plan for packing. Here is the current list of gear I will be bringing. Some of these things I already have and others I will be acquiring soon – here is the short list:

Alaska Gear Photo


Rain Gear – First Lite Storm Tight Boundary Jacket (ASAT camo pattern)


Clothing – First Lite 100% Merino Wool (Springer Vest, Chama QZ top, Allegheny bottoms, Kanab Pants, Calf-high Wool Compression Socks)


Bear Hunting Magazine Cap – brown/tan
Brown/Camo BHM hat


Sleeping Bag at least – Marmot 20 Degree bag (we will be going in mid-August, this should be warm enough)


Sleeping Pad – Thermarest


Day Pack  - Undecided


Head Lamp – Vizz 160 Lumen


Knives – Steve Schultz Custom “Pack Rat” and Havalon with lots of blades (


Binoculars – Huskemaw 10x42


Bow – Timber Ghost Archery, Three Piece Takedown Recurve @ 63 pounds. (


Arrows – Easton Full Metal Jacket ‘Dangerous Game’ (will be shooting a total weight arrow of 650-grains)


Broadhead – Undecided


Glock 20 – 10mm (side arm for close range bowhunting)


‘Bruce Lee’ Chinese Throwing Star – Unknown brand (for defense inside of 20 feet)


Bear Spray – Frontiersman -  I am considering carrying pepper spray for possibly deterring a bear we didn’t want to harvest


Cameras – Cannon T3I, Cannon Vixa HF G10, Go Pro Black (rain covers and lots of extra batteries)


Tripod – Vanguard Alto 233AO and a small collapsible tripod


Hunting Boots – Cabelas Denali by Meindl, slightly oversized to fit the sock of the fishing waders. (Gortex, Fit IQ)


Bug Repellent – Thermacell, 90% Deet Off, and head net


Breathable waders – Frog Togg Hellbenders


National Bowhunter Education Certification Card – Required for Alaskan bowhunting


Food and Tents provided by Alaska Triple C Outfitters


This is just the short list with the main items I will be taking. I’m sure in the coming weeks I’ll find that I need a bunch more gear. I’ve also been shooting the recurve everyday, extending my range. I feel confident with the bow and can’t wait to get my new Timberghost three-piece takedown. Should have it by July 20th.


Good hunting,


Clay Newcomb

Publisher/Managing Editor

Bear Hunting Magazine