By Clay Newcomb

BHM Publisher & Editor


The Buzz


Spring-green grass, peeping frogs, and gobbling turkeys point my mind towards one thought – it’s almost time to spring bear hunt. Most of the Western states have already begun their seasons and some early-bird bear hunters have already filled tags. I’m planning a spring hunt in Montana with Jim Sessions of Huskemaw Optics and Best of the West television. Snow pack is heavy in Northwest Montana, but this can make for concentrated bear activity down low on green vegetation. Additionally, I will be hunting with Kolby Morrison of Bear Pro Safaris in Saskatchewan. These will be very different hunts: DIY with a rifle in Montana and a bow hunt over bait in SK.

With spring winds blowing outside, the Global Headquarters have been a-buzz with activity. Our passion is bear hunting, so naturally, sharing this ancient and honorable way of life through writing, photography and video is what we do. However, I could forget the cameras and computers, because at the most basic level I identify as a hunter. A lover of wilderness. A connoisseur of all things wild. A passionate participant in the struggle for life and death in places unaltered by human civilization. Our goal is to create high quality media, but not let the attempt at creating media steal from the authenticity of who we are.

We just finished the May/June issue of Bear Hunting Magazine, which will be in subscriber’s hands very soon. We’ve got two unique articles from Southeast Alaska, a traditional archery hunt from Aron Synder, a hound article comparing Eastern and Western bear dogs and a lot more. Bernie Barringer wrote an informative article on bear body angles and shot placement. A lot more bears would be killed and retrieved if people executed what he says. This is a tremendous issue covering a broad spectrum of bear hunting. If you aren’t a subscriber, consider it. Subscriber here. 

We recently received a shipment of Bear Horizon Season 3 DVDs. Our passion for hunting comes out strong in this unique video production. We’ve received some solid reviews from viewers and there isn’t much to compare it to in the outdoor video world. People describe it as very high quality, while maintaining a powerful authenticity. We captured five traditional archery hunts and four compound hunts. We even snuck in a Mountain Lion and Whitetail hunt on this “bear” DVD. It's for sale in the Bear Hunting Magazine store. Buy here.

Bear Hunting Magazine cover

We just finished printing the May/June issue of Bear Hunting Magazine. United States subscribers will get it in the mail this week. Subscribe at this link!

Bear Horizon Season 3

If I say so myself, this is top notch outdoor video production. This is by far our best season yet capturing our passion for hunting. You can buy this DVD at this link!

Bear Horizon Season 3

We've got nine bear hunts, a Mountain Lion hunt and one Whiteail hunt on this 2-hour-long-plus DVD. 

Mathews Halon 32


            This week the UPS driver delivered a package that got me excited. When I saw the shape of it I knew what was inside. Mathews is the longstanding leader in compound archery and I’ve been shooting their bows for 20 years. In 1997, my father gave me a Mathews ZMax. I aptly named it the “Death Star” and hunted with it for a decade. I think I killed around 30 Whitetails with it; including my biggest buck. The arrow that killed my first black bear in 2001 was projected by the whisper-twang of that original Solocam.

            The bow in the box was the Mathews HALON 32.  I chose a six-inch brace height with 60-pound limbs. I really liked the Ridge Reaper Barren camo pattern, so the choice of finish was easy despite Mathews offering seven different styles. I went with a bright orange string and monkey tails. At the time of this writing, I just pulled this thing out of the box so I haven’t shot it yet. However, the feel reminds me of the NO CAM HTR – a bow which I really like. I have a feeling I’ll be able to shoot lights out with this new bow. I plan to hunt bears in Saskatchewan with it in June and switch to my TimberGhost traditional bow for fall bear hunting.

clay newcomb mathews halon

I plan to hunt in Saskatchewan in June with my new Mathews Halon 32. I really like the longer axle-to-axle length on this bow. I grew up shooting shorter bows, but after the NoCam HTR I've decided I like a longer bow for hunting. 

mathews halon

My Plott hound Jedi seemed to take a liking to this new Mathews Halon 32. 

mathews halon

Jedi is a bear-bred hound, but I'm using him for coonhunting here in Arkansas. He's very intelligent for a hound. Hopefully within 60 days Jedi will be a father. Should be having a litter of Bluff Creek Plott hounds by the end of June. 

 Mule Skinnin'


            I’m continuing to move forward in my “mule skinning” efforts. My friend, Samuel Bumgardner, offered to let me borrow his 13-year old mule, Parker. He’s a really solid mule and my plan is to let my daughter ride him while I tool along behind with my younger mules. An older mule out front gives confidence to the younger mules and helps them get over a lot of spook. Izzy and Ellie Mae are doing good, but they need a lot of miles put on them. I plan to put some on them while following old Parker. 

That's what's been going on at the Global Headquarters. We'll keep you abreast with our preparations for spring bear hunting. 

Good huntin'


Clay Newcomb Mule

My buddy Samuel Bumgardner loaned me his best mule, Parker. He's 13-year's old is a great mule. I plan to use to help train my younger mules.