Fifteen-Mile Stream Lodge and Outfitters

3775 US Route 201

West Forks, ME 04985


Phone: (207) 663-2238

Fifteen Mile Stream Lodge & Outfitters has acquired a reputation for providing a superior guide service along with good Maine hospitality. To us there isn’t anything more enjoyable than sharing the excitement of a successful hunting, fishing, or recreational trip with our clients. We are dedicated to providing a unique opportunity to fully enjoy your time outdoors without having to the all-important leg work involved with planning a safe and successful trip. What separates us from other outfitters is the one on one individual attention you receive by choosing a low hunter to guide ratio. You will get the attention you deserve! That’s what keeps our previous clients coming back year after year. Keeping small groups is the key to a high success. And high success is what we want. You will come as a stranger and leave as a friend.

Located in West Forks, ME we offer a wide variety of services: We have trailside cabin rentals with direct access to ITS 86, 87, & 89 and ATV trails. Our restaurant & bar is open daily serving breakfast, lunch, & dinner, and we retail gas onsite.

Bear Hunting over Bait

We offer Maine bear hunting over bait that will test the skills of any outdoorperson. Having the privilege to hunt bear around the entire State of Maine has made the choice of chosing a location to outfit an easy one. The Forks area produces record book bears year after year and the bear population continues to expand. Your six day hunt will include: active baits quiet-comfortable two man ladder stands, meals, transportation, and trophy care. Whether you prefer rifle, bow, muzzleloader or handgun, your stand  will be modified to suit your needs. Remember, the big secret to taking a big bear is not to shoot a small one.

Bear Hunting with Hounds

Though not for everyone, this is certainly a hunt that will get the blood flowing. Bear with hounds is a physical and sometimes grueling chase that can last for hours. Before the trophy of your dreams is caught or treed we will be trying to intercept him crossing the many dirt roads you will encounter on you hunt, all the while communicating via CB or two-way radios. Tracking equipment as well as GPS will be used to monitor the well trained dogs throughout the entire hunt. This is truly a blood pumping experience.

Bear Trapping

This is not for the faint at heart. Maine is one of the only places in America that bear trapping is still allowed. This will test the skill of any good trapper. Although bears are not necessarily trap shy, they can be very unpredictable and sly. When you walk up on a 200 pound bear you have captured, you will get a chill that will not soon be forgotten.